Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Solar Spaghetti Sauce

We eat a lot of spaghetti here so it was inevitable I'd be cooking it outside when I could.

I made a basic meat sauce with-
2 pounds ground and browned beef
2- #10 cans of diced tomatoes
half a #10 can of tomato sauce (the other half was used for the Solar Chili recipe)
about 6 cups of onions
6 or 8 large garlic cloves chopped up
basil (dry)
salt and pepper

Simply browned the beef in the 3 gallon stock pot on the stove, added the onions and garlic off the heat to sweat, added the tomato product and seasonings and put it on to cook. This went out at about noon and stayed out till time to eat around 6pm. It happily boiled away a good part of the day and I turned it away from the sun once in a while just to slow it down a bit.

Putting it on to cook involved placing the covered pot in the turkey bag, closing it with a twist tie and placing full in the sun on the solar funnel.

The recipe made enough for dinner and 10- 3cup bags to freeze for later meals.

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