Friday, August 15, 2008

Solar Baked Potatoes

Today I decided to bake off some potatoes that aren't taking the heat too well. They are going to be used for potato salad so since it's so hot today I figured what the heck. It'll give us something cool to eat tonight or tomorrow in the heat without heating up the house more in the process.

Simply washed them and placed them on the pan as normal, closed in the turkey bag with the oven thermometer and set it outside on the solar funnel. Oh, can't forget the garlic. I threw some on with it to see how it would come out as well.

They were started at 10:15 am while it was still shady and the sun was right at the top of the trees so it was about 10 minutes or so before full sun hit them. The temp. outside was 78 degrees when they were put out.

After about 30 minutes I checked the temp. which had reached 250 degrees, where it stayed until I removed them from the solar funnel. Time got away from me so they cooked until 3:30.

The results? As expected, baked (or probably more accurate, steamed) potatoes. They were cooked thoroughly with the exception of a large one situated on the outer edge of the pan. It is mostly done, but still a bit firm. Next time I will take care to arrange them according to size with the largest being in the center. Either that, or I will put them in the roasting pan like I did the first loaf of bread. Then the heat will be more even throughout.

Good results, and considering it is now 95 degrees outside, even better not to have to use the oven.

I'll leave an update on the garlic when I use it.

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