Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solar Cooked Bread Crumbs

Today I decided to use the solar funnel to make some solar cooked bread crumbs. I didn't do anything fancy, just cut them up into cubes and spread them on a dark cookie sheet.

Rather then put them into the turkey bag like I do for everything else, I wrapped a towel around them to keep the bugs off and to allow the moisture to evaporate. It also helped to absorb the heat making it go quicker I suppose. Then I placed them onto the solar funnel and aimed it ahead of the sun. This allowed me to set it and forget it.

The major benefits of course were not using the oven which saved energy and prevented excess heat in the house. Well, that and I have bread crumbs from our leftover bread to use next time my wife makes schnitzel.

Not a bad deal considering it is 80 degrees outside.

No picture because I didn't have the camera today, but I will put one up on the next batch.

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